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Sal Solo

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Q: Who wrote the song San Damiano Heart and Soul?
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Who wrote heart and soul answer Frank Loesser?

frank loesser wrote heart and soul. it is a beautiful song.

Who wrote the song expressway to your heart?

soul survivors peaked at #4 in 1967 [Also covered by the Blues Brothers]

Who wrote the song All is well with my soul?


Who recorded the song Lose My Soul?

TobyMac wrote and recorded the song Lose My Soul. It can be found on his "Portable Sounds" CD.

What is a song that is a song form the soul?

heart attack by my lover trey songs

Where can one find lyrics for the 1938 song 'Heart and Soul'?

You can find lyrics for the 1938 song 'Heart and Soul' anywhere on the internet that has song lyrics but your best bet to find it would be on the website songlyrics or wikipedia.

Who wrote the song Gel by Collective Soul?

Gel was a song that provided great success to pop group Collective Soul in 1995. The song Gel was written by the front man for Collective Soul, Ed Rowland.

What was Louis Armstrongs first song?

my heart was the first song Louis Armstrong wrote

Who wrote the song break your heart?

taio cruz

Who wrote the song 'Body and Soul'?

The song Body and Soul is a jazz song and was written by Edward Heyman, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton back in 1930. The song itself was sung by Johnny Green.

Who wrote buck Owens song my heart skips a beat?

Buck Owens wrote it

Was there a tv show that used heart and soul as it's theme song?

The song Heart and Soul by T'Pau was never used in a TV show. It was however used in a commercial for Pepe jeans which made it famous.