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Eduardo di Capua

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Q: Who wrote the song Oh Marie?
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What is the best song Taylor wrote?

Mary's song (oh my my my) is mine. But everyone has a different answer!

Who wrote Anna Marie song done by susan jacks?

Bruce Miller

Who wrote the song Do Lord Oh Do Lord?

Julia Ward Howe

Who wrote the song O Susanna?

Oh Susanna was written by Stephen Foster.

Who wrote ave Marie the song?

The song was composed by a man named Franz Schubert around 1825 when he was 28 years old.

What are the words to the Italian song way Marie?

We (way) Marie We` Marie, we` Marie Quanto sonno agiu perso per te Famme` durmi, una notte abbraciata cu te We` Marie, we` Marie Quanto sonno agiu perse per te Famme` durmi, we` Marie, we` Marie We` Marie, we` Marie You were all in this world to me Here by the window The sweet melody I sing to thee Oh Marie, we` Marie All the stars in the sky shine for thee Please listen to me Oh marie, we` Marie

What are the lyrics of Oh Marie?

"O'h Marie"

Who wrote OH DONNA i know ritchie valens sang it but someone said paul anka might have wrote it but i disagree?

Richie Valens also wrote the song Paul Anka had a major hit with his song, Diana, written for his babysitter! MP

What is the name of the artist who wrote the Hanukkah song 'Chanukah Oh Chanukah'?

"Chanukah Oh Chanukah" is a traditional folk song believed to be based on the melodies and lyrics of 3 different composers: Kopyt, Achron, and Stutschewsky.

When was Marie - song - created?

Marie - song - was created in 2002-10.

Who wrote oh maybelline?

Chuck Berry is the lyricist who wrote 'Oh Maybelline'

Who wrote the song Oh Let the Sunshine In?

James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot. It's from the musical "Hair".