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From my little bit of research, it would seem that "Good Morning, Mr Sunshine" was a well-known children's lullaby as early as the '60s, and it has possibly been around since the late 19th century! Thus, it would be difficult to track down the original author.

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Q: Who wrote the song Good morning Mr Sunshine?
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Who sang good morning Mr sunshine?

The beegees. The song is called lonely nights.

Where can you find album called. Oliver singing Good Morning Sunshine?

You may have an easier time looking for the accurate name of the song: "Good Morning Starshine".

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In which city did the 'Good Morning to All' song originate?

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The jingle went: "Good morning, good morning, The best to you each morning, Sunshine Breakfast, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Crisp and full of fun". yes, yes there was :| It was the Tropicana commerical. It had the song "Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain.

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Yes, it is called "Good Day Sunshine" and it is a Lennon/McCartney song.

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No. The song was 1940, he became Governor in 1944. However, he DID have a #1 song while Governor (he wrote many other songs)

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edvard grieg init