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that would be Rage Against the Machine
or as they said, the DX Band

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Q: Who wrote WWE D Generation X theme Break it down?
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Who sings break down?

Chris Warren sang D-generation X 'Break It Down' theme song.

What is the dx theme tune called?

Shawn Michaels

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Who's theme is break the walls down?

It's Chris Jericho's theme.

What is DX's entrance song called?

DX theme song is break it down by Chris Warren Band

Which wwe wrestler's theme song is break the walls down?

Its Chris jericho's theme

Jerichos first entrance theme?

Break the walls down

What is the name of wwe dx's theme song?

break it down

What is D-generation X's song?

It's called Break it down!

What is dx's entrance music called?

Their entrance theme is "Break It Down"

What is the title of the song of the d generation X?

It's called Break It Down

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