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It is likely that US might win the war. Russia could defeat both India and China together, but they would get a lot of their soldiers lost in the battle. US has much better weapons and better, trained soldiers than Russia, making it more powerful.

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Q: Who would win us and India and russia and china?
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Can the US win a War with China and Russia simultaneously?

The US would never fight a conventional war with China or Russia, but might support a country that did (as with Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989). Russia has a much larger conventional army, and China an even larger one. Any armed conflict would likely lead to a nuclear exchange, either limited or total. Russia has parity with the US in nuclear weapons, while China is still a distant 3rd.

Who would win in a war russia or America?

It would be 50/50 depending on if allies are allowed or not. If no allies then America would probably just win due to superior technology. If Russia performed a surprise attack they would win due to having a quite good military and would leave America little time to react by which time they would be destroyed. If allies were allowed America would win easily due to close ties with the UK as the UK has about the second best military in the world (after America) so that's the best and the second best together making a formidable force and that's not counting the EU who would help the UK, Russia would get China but lets face it all they have is loads of unskilled people and poor technology (they are a backward country in many ways). To sum up America would come out on top in most situations. If nukes are involved we are all going to die.

Who would win cougar vs elephant?

The elephant would win.

Who would win Persian or barbarian?

obviously army to army Persians would win by tactics but one to one a barbarian would win

Who would win in a fight liu kang or raiden?

raiden would win

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Who would win US and India vs russia and china?

The U.S. and India, because we have superior technology and more allies

Who would win a nuclear war between russia and china?

Russia. They have way more nukes then China.

Who would win in a war china or russia?

Probably China. There are many discussions about this, look online.

Would India win war with china?

no china has much more men

Who would win Israel or Russia?

Russia. Russia could defeat any country except America and China, with or without nukes.

Europe and Europe gets Russia vs Asia in war who would win?

Asia obviously and Russia would back Asia since Russians dont like how western countries are moving their weapons closer to their border and supporting Georgia...And anyways China and India account for 40% of the worlds population. China, Russia, India, North Korea can EASILY take down USA and Europe hands down.

Would The US win any war?

if its a one on one fight and full blowm warfare then america would win against all countries and olny china would put up a fight. 2 super powers at the same time though would destroy america e.g Russia + India vs America= russia + india America vs India = america russia vs america = america

Who would win in a war between England and America vs china and russia?

No one. The US, Russia, and China each have sufficient nuclear weapons to lay waste to the entire globe.

If a war rises will India win over China?


Would Indian army win a war against china army?

Without either side using their nuclear weapons, and with the Indian Army resisting a Chinese Army invasion, I think India would have a good chance of winning. If it were the other way around China would win, but India would have little reason to invade China.

Who is won the India vs china war?

india only win

Who would win in a war between Russia and China?

It would be a close fight. China has more men to fight with. China also has more reserves. China has unquestionably better navies and air forces when compared to Russia, and around 9 times the amounts of tanks. China has the largest army in human history, more than the entire population of the United States. So, in a short war, China would win. In a longer war, China would win and begin to take Russian lands, eventually scoring the victory.This is of course assuming no nuclear weapons are used. Otherwise, China would also win.Answer:China would win without really trying.