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Ovechkin would beat him

Crosby would get injured

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Q: Who would win in a fight ovechkin or Crosby?
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Whod win in a tickle fight Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin?

Sidney Crosby

Why are Sidney Crosby rookie cards worth so much more than Alex Ovechkin rookie cards?

I'd have to say it's because Sidney Crosby has been way more impressive in his career so far. You don't hear about Ovechkin a whole lot any more cause he isn't doing anything spectacular. Crosby on the other hand, became the youngest captain to win the the Stanley Cup, he has won a gold medal with Team Canada in the Olympics, and when he stays healthy, Crosby puts up more points than Ovechkin.

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Did Alexander Ovechkin win rookie of the year?

Yes - in 2006

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