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ok heres the story.

Cyborg is malfuntioning. he thinks he is evil and is fighting robin. robin sees cyborg in the distance and plans out his attack. cyborg scans the area for life forms. all that shows up is, a bug, a couple of rats, and..... wait! its robin. keeping a strait face he get ready for the ambush. robin, knowing hes been exposed leaps out of the darkness. they both stand, each waiting for their opponant to make there move. robin bounds sighlently over head. cyborg shoots a sieries of lasers at him. struggleing to Dodge them robin hides in the shadows. all is silent. both frozen as if paralized. robin decieds on a different approch. he walks from his frozen state. "i don't want to hurt you" he says. cyborg stiffens. "Can't say i feel the same." robin steps forward. extracting a blade from his cercits cyborg tears at robin, ripping his suit. with a red stained uniform robin takes his staff and smashes cyborgs central system, cyborg screams and flys away. alas he falls 20 feet away, dead. robin colapses from loss of blood only thinking he had killed his best friend.

(a qwerty production)

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Although Robocop has many special features Batman would win. There are so many things that could do damage to Robocop like if Batman used an EMP grenade Robocop is disabled and Batman is skilled in like everything. Robocop better watch himself.

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Q: Who would win in a fight nightwing or robin?
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