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Saber tooth. Too big for the lynx.

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sabertooth would win all the time uts faster heavier faster and more agile 8t fought off animals stronger than lynx 

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Q: Who would win in a fight a lynx or saber tooth tiger?
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What would win in a fight an American lion or a sabretoothed tiger?

saber tooth

What do you call a female saber-toothed?

A female saber-tooth tiger would be called a sabress.And a male saber-tooth tiger would be called a saber.

What would win in a fight a liger or a sabor tooth tiger?

Most likely the saber tooth tiger. Because of it's massive teeth and jaws, it can overpower an opponent easily.

What was the geography like were the saber-toothed tiger lived?

the saber tooth tiger lived in the ice age so it would have been in a tundra region . (:

What were some causes of death for saber-toothed tiger?

Well.... millions of years ago, a tar pit would form. this tar was so sticky,that a saber tooth tiger would fallin, and never get out!

What animal would you be caught dead on?

A saber tooth tiger is a wild animal you would definitely be caught dead on.

What was the saber-toothed tigers main prey?

The Saber tooth tiger is a carnivor. So, therefore it would eat bison,deer and American camel (now extinct). Sometimes the saber tooth tigers (or Smilodons) would prey on juvenile mastodons and mammoths.

Is the saber tooth tiger related to a opossum?

They were not closely related at all. The main relation is that they would both be mammals.

Does the saber-toothed tiger eat any carnivore?

Well that question is really irrelevant considering saber tooth tigers are extinct, but if you really want to know, the saber tooth tiger was a carnivore so it would eat anything with meat. Therefore, yes it could eat a carnivore as long as it was made up of meat.

Did saber-toothed tiger babies have teeth?

Like all mammals, baby saber toothed cats were born without teeth. As they grew, their teeth would begin to come in. Meanwhile, they would be nourished by their mother's milk.

What is an enemy of the saber toothed tiger?

One of the saber tooth tigers enemies where the huge terror birds that would kill the big cats and woolly mammoths could easily kill one too.

How did a saber-toothed tiger became extinct?

Saber tooth tigers lived around the ice age. As the ice age ended the ice melted, the seas started to turn into water and the saber toothed tiger were on the ice, the ice melted and they drowned. There is another reason, at the ice age plants weren't able to grow on ice, so there were no herbivore animals there so the carnivore animals which are saber tooth tiger had to starve until they crossed to ocean, before they crossed the ocean they would have starved to death.