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A lynx is small, but it could bite the human and injure it.

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2011-03-27 04:43:27
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Q: Who would win in a fight a lynx or a human?
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What would win in a fight a mink or lynx?


Who would win in a fight a lynx or a bobcat?

A bobcat

Who would win in a fight a lynx or fox?

it depends on the species

Who would win in a fight a lynx or saber tooth tiger?

Saber tooth. Too big for the lynx.

Who would win the fight between lion and a lynx?

African Lion 

Who would win a fight a pit bull or an adult lynx?

White Fang

What would win a lynx or a bear?

a lynx wojld never stand a chance one swipe kills the lynx

Who would win a bear or a lynx?


Who would would win in a fight a wolf or a human?

it would depend on if the human had any weapons, if not the wolf would probably win.

Who would win in a fight a human or a Lion?

The average human is not as strong, and the lion would win. If you are skilled, you would probaly win. It depends on how strong you are.

What would win in a fight a lynx or a wolf?

I think a wolf would win because underneath all of that fur is muscle would be a close fight but the wolf has more muscle and speed thats reason this fight is so close is because the lynx has good all around fighting technique such as strategies,agility,and stealth.But both animals have strong bite force which balances it out to make it a close fight.Wolves are braver than lynx so that is what pulls them ahead in the fight.Which that makes wolves most likely to win in a fight.

Who would win fight human or cheetah?

In an actual straight fight, the cheetah would win hands down. If firearms or other weapons were involved, the human would likely have the advantage.

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