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It depends...well lions are stronger and more equipt.but leopards are faster and more swift..its beeen known in some ocations that leopards do beat lions but only male leopards can gain the strength too when it comes down to eat.a leopard would win only a male leopard..and it has to b fighting a female lion because a male lion is just TOO strong...

Male lion beats male leopard. They're bigger and stronger and in this case, that's all that matters.

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lion and rhino

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Q: Who would win in a fight a leopard or a snow leopard?
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What wins between a snow leopard and leopard?

A leopard would be much bigger than a snow leopard, and would win.

What would win snow leopard or black panther?

A snow leopard would win, because they are highly camouflaged in their habitat.

Which would win in a fight cheetah or leopard?


Who would win a snow leopard or a kangaroo?


What would win a snow leopard or a cheeda?

A cheetah.

Who would win a chupacabra or a snow leopard?


Who would win a snow leopard or a leopard?

a leopard of course they are the 2nd fastest runners next to cheetahs.

Who would win in a fight between a leopard and a lion?


Which animal would win in a fight leopard or puma?


Who would win a fight a leopard or a tiger?

A Tiger will win definetly because it is stronger and larger.

Who will win in a fight rottweiler or leopard?

the leopard would win the leopard is stronger faster and have stronger claws and has a better attack and defense than a rottweiler the winner is the leopard noah davis wrote this

Would a leopard gecko or an emperor scorpion win in a fight?

leopard gecko would just strike at it then grab it with mouth and eat it.