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Trix may be for kids, but that bunny is actually a trained assassin working undercover for the cereal company. Toucan would not even see him coming. Have you ever heard of Captain Crunches Brother, Pirate Sweet Tooth? Nobody has, because that Trix bunny made him disappear!

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Q: Who would win in a fight Toucan Sam or the Trix Bunny?
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Is Frankie munez the vocie of the boy in the trix yogurt comurcial?

yes. Frankie munez is the trix bunny

What is a character famous for selling cereal?

Tony the Tiger Cap N Crunch Trix Rabbit Toucan Sam

Who would win the Trix Rabbit or the Trix or Harry Potter?

Harry Potter definitely. The Trix rabbit is stupid.

Who would win the Trix or the Annoying Orange?

Annoying Orange would annoy the Trix to death.

What could be a good comic strip for rabbits about entertainment?

Is it a comic strip about rabbits or a comic strip for rabbits? If it's for rabbits, do something with Trix, and Buggs Bunny, and Thumper (from Bambi) and other famous bunnies and then have the Easter Bunny come in, and give all of the other bunnies Easter eggs that have Trix, and carrots, and Bambi or whatever.

Why does silly rabbit want trix so bad?

back in "the day" the Trix commercials would show a black and white world and black and white children and when they ate trix they became colorful and the silly rabbit wanted to be colorful as well but as we all know "Trix are for kids!"

When was Trix launched?

Trix was launched in 1954

Why can't Silly Rabbit eat Trix?

The rabbit can't eat Trix because Trix are for kids.

Who eats trix yogurt?

not monogurt of course trix does!

Who makes Trix?

General Mills makes Trix

How much do flick trix cost?

Normal Flick Trix are 7.99$ and Flick trix shops are 14.99$ to 17.99$.

What is the best selling cereal in the UK?

it would totally have to be trix