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A real fight or a fake pro Wrestling fight? In a real fight, I'd have to say Cena. In a fake pro wrestling match it could go either way, your mom could kick both their butts its fake depends who gets picked to win.

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Q: Who would win in a fight Jeff hardy or john cena?
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Is Jeff hardy stronger than john cena?

No,jeff hardy hardy is not stronger than john cena.

Who hotter john cena or Jeff hardy?

bslab here saying that john ceana and Jeff hardy both are sexy but Jeff hardy is a little more sexier

John cena or Jeff hardy?

Jeff hardy he flies and is the next hbk he is fun to watch. john cena is good but not when compared to Jeff hardy,undertaker,triple h or hbk

Does Criss Angel and John Cena and Jeff Hardy have a MySpace?

Don't know about criss angle but Cena and Jeff Hardy do not have myspace

Is Jeff hardy better than John Cena?

Jeff hardy is better than john cena because he flies and give whisper in the wind,and the swanton bomb and he is my favorite after all Jeff hardy is better than john cena

Who is better Jeff or Jake?

Jeff Hardy! But Cena is the best!

Who would win jeff hardy or john cena?

Probably John Cena because he's got over 10 years of wrestling expreince, and he is strength. I would rather see Jeff Hardy win anyways

Who weighs more Jeff hardy or john cena?

John Cena

Who will win John Cena or Jeff Hardy?

I think Jeff Hardy will win because he is faster, stronger and smarter, but I think Cena is smart and strong.

Does Jeff hardy like john cena?

no you sick sick person nobody would ever like john cena

Who is stronger cena or jeff hardy?

I would say John Cena. Cena is much bigger and heavier than Hardy. As a result, he will definitely be stronger than Hardy. Some people even say that Cena is one of the strongest wrestlers for his size and weight.

Is John Cena Friends With Jeff Hardy?

Sord of?.