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ufc fighter

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Q: Who would win a UFC fighter or a sumo?
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Who would win a sumo or a UFC fighter?

ufc fighter definetely a sumo wrestler

Who would win A sumo Wrestler or a UFC fighter?

well, since sumo wrestlers are stronger than ufc fighters because they are fat, and ufc fighters have muscle but only muscle, which is weaker than fat. the sumo could just sit on the fighter, corner him and keep on punching him, or lay on him, lol.

Who is stronger a sumo or UFC fighter?

most definitely a ufg fighter if it comes to cardio, agility, and tactics/special training <BUT...> brute strength is among both partys, a sumo could win against a ufc/ mma fighter, the chance though is unlikely, but still, it is definatly a possibility, maybe 2/10. a sumo would win because he could just sit on the ufc fighter. or the sumo could easily drive the ufc into a corner and keep on punching him have you ever seen that sumo wrestlers are stronger than skinny mma fighters?

What would win between a large dog and a professional UFC fighter?

It really does depend on the breed of dog, but in most cases the professional UFC fighter would win.

Can you knee win on the ground in UFC?

To the body,yes but not to the face of a grounded fighter.

Who would win in a fight a UFC or wrestler?

a ufc would win because wwe is sometimes fake.

Who is the eldest mma fighter?

Randy "The Natural" Couture is the oldest MMA fighter in history. He holds the following records: · Oldest fighter to win a title in UFC history · Oldest fighter to defend a title in UFC history · Oldest fighter to win a fight in UFC history (47 years and 68 days) No one else has been able to compete at the level Randy did even after he crossed 40 years of age.

Where do you fight at to get in the ufc?

You must do amateur fights to compete in the ufc. And you must win 6 amateur fights without losing any to compete in -The Ultimate Fighter.-

How much money does a UFC fighter make for a win?

Well it depends on who the fighter is but now ill give Jon Jones as the example he'll get paid in between 100k - 200k for winning but most of the Ufc's money come from sponsors which would round up to 600k for Jon Jones

Who would win in a fight a Sumo or Luchador?

I bet on the sumo sitting on the luchador. but if the luchador gets him on his back, the sumo wrestler is screwed.

What would you have to do to be a UFC fighter?

UFC takes people from lesser promotions. So i would recommend finding a good training camp near you. There are a lot of UFC fighter's gyms around the world. Most notable would be Sit yod tong in Boston, Greg Jackson in Arizona, American Top team Cali and Tampa. But wherever you are there should be a major camp near by. I recommend getting to a major camp that has had UFC fighters before. Get into local productions win fast and make it a show. The UFC will come to you then. Best of luck

How much does ufc fighter get paid?

from 3.000$ to 250.000$. 10,000 a loss 20,000 a win. title fights double.

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