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Superman, because Spiderman is human and has no Kryptonite. spidey isn't batman and therefore webs no worky on man of steel so no webs a fight of strenght between the two superman wins in 5 mins so long because of spideys spider senses

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While Spiderman is powerful, he is not basically immortal like Superman, nor does he have the ability to fly, shoot powerful lazers out of his eyes, blow freezing cold wind, nor is Spiderman "faster than a speeding bullet." The only thing that can cause Superman to die is kryptonite, so without kryptonite, Superman would win, hands down. However, if Spidey had some kryptonite on hand, he could web sling it onto Superman and bring him down, making Spiderman the winner. (Spiderman has been known to fight dirty from time to time in order to get things done. He is also extreamly intelligent and "quick on his feet.")

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Well that really depends on where they are fighting because spiderman needs buildings to swing and supermans weakness is krypton so I would cast my vote for superman

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Q: Who would win Superman or Spiderman?
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