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rashad evans will win unanimous decision

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Q: Who would win Quinton Jackson or rashad Evans?
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Who is the favorite to win between rampage n rashad in December?

Unfortunately this fight has been cancelled as Rampage Jackson has announced that he is too retire in order to pursue his acting career.You can read more about his retirment announcement via this link: for a minute that the fight had went ahead as planned it would certainly have been a close fight. Rampage is the more experienced fighter with a record of 30-7 (as opposed to Rashad's 13-1 record) and would have been expected to have an advantage in the stand-up as well as good takedown defense. Rashad would still be a threat in the striking department though and if he could take the fight to the ground he would have a definite wrestling advantage.

How old is Anthony Quinton?

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How old is Rashad Khalifa?

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Who would win in a fight Isaack Evans or Jon Newell?

isaack evans would because hes a beast

How old is Al Jackson Jr.?

MMA fighter and actor Quinton Jackson is 39 years old (birthdate: June 20, 1978).

Who is the world champion in UFC?

depends on the weight class, lightweight, bj penn welterweight, i believe is josh koshcheick, middleweight, i think chael sonnen would still be the top contender light heavy would be rashad evans and heavyweight Cain valesquez

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Did sharpay evans get married?

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Will rashad evans be the champion again?

He's gotta get through Rampage first. If he beats Rampage, then he earns a shot at Shoguns belt. In my completely unbiased opinion, however, I think Shogun would dominate. I don't think he'll ever get another shot again. I doubt he'll get past Rampage, he's just not at that level. Everyone says "oh well he beat Chuck Liddell" well if you watch the fight Chuck was going for a punch at the same time and Rashad just got lucky and landed first.