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yes because naruto and iruks came from the same background with having no parents so iruka is able to symathize with him


She is also sexy.

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naruto would win mainly because he has nine tails but ryu would still be hard to beat in a fight like that but as i said naruto would win as long hes not hit with a haduken

good point naruto does have 9 tails. but wat about ryu's othersides like evil ryu, god ryu, master ryu, and spirit ryu those would all be very hard to beat not to mention all of ryu's different kinds of hadoukens. it would still be an awesome match though

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Q: Who would win Naruto or fuuka?
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No.Funkybird123's answer:Naruto is NOT in love with Fuuka. Yes, they have kissed, but that is how Fuuka gets chakra from others. Obviously, it was not a relationship kiss, it was an attack.So no, they are not in love. Naruto like Sakura, though.Your WelcomeFunkybird123

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Who is Fuuka?

she is a hot girl who tries to make out with naruto but naruto says no and she gives him a hot juicy kiss and he kills her for that

Does Naruto kiss a girl?

No, Naruto has not kissed a girl.However, by accident, he has kissed Sasuke.(also happened in) His first kiss from a girl would be in Naruto Episode 169- Remembrance: The Lost Page. Isaribi gave the kiss.In Shippuden, episode 60, Fuuka kisses Naruto

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Naruto ado

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it would be a tie.!\ Naruto for many reasons! go and search "who would win naruto or ichiogo?" for the abilites of naruto. i have commented on it and it is the biggest answer at the very bottom.

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