Who would win Mario or Kirby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Probably Kirby because he can turn into a rock and bang Marios head hard.

Nope because Mario is 10 times bigger and can just step on kirby!

No because Kirby is fatter and OMG WHAT happened to mario's arms their gone because kirby ate them and Mario died of blood loss sorry

And in real life kirby can ingest anything because his cells are super thick and his digestive tract is more efficient than any humans.

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Q: Who would win Mario or Kirby?
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Who would win in a fight Kirby or Mario?

Kirby is pink like a pig, which means he's gluttonous. Also, Kirby is a mere 8 inches tall and Mario is about 8 times taller. Kirby shouldn't even be considered a boy! He's a discrace to video games! What kind of video game character eats their own enemies?

Who would win in an eating contest goku Kirby or the flash?

Goku would win in everything. He can destroy Kirby and flash

Who would win Yoshi or Kirby?

Kirby would eat Yoshi and absorb his powers.

Who would win link or Kirby?

kirby cause he would eat link and steal his powers

Who would win goku or Kirby?


What happens if a Kirby attacks Mario and Mario wins?

Not much, all that happens is that Mario wins and Kirby dies, which doesn't really matter anyways.In SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Kirby would be turned into a trophy(asker): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Who would win in a battle with Kirby and jiggleypuff?

Kirby because he or she can turn into a rock and beat jiggleypuff

What was out first Kirby or Mario?


Who is more famous Mario or Kirby?


Who would win Superman or Mario?


Who would Win Rainbow Mario or Kirby?

Depends on who made the first move If it were regular Mario, Kirby because hed suck him up and technicly if u look at the games hed kill him in his tummy. I mean it takes him atleast 5 extra seconds to eat sum1 as fat as Mario. And besides he has the powah of the star rod. Kirby - pink ball of rubber who's gluttonous like a pig. Steals powers because he has no power naturally. Mario- plumber with amazing jump and stomp abilities. Has powers naturally. Do the math.

Who would win in a battle Meta night or Kirby?

Meta Knight.