Who would win Jason or Dracula?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who would win Jason or Dracula?
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Who would win Jason voorhees or megatron?


Who would win in a fight Jason or Freddy or Micheal?

Michael Myers will. Wrong, Chuck Norris will. Its chucky from child's play not chuck Norris! Does not matter, anyway. Chuck Norris will win any duel, even those in which he is not involed.

Who would win Micheal Myers or Jason?

none cause in one movie they did fight but they get hit by a car and 2 guys found Micheal and killed them and Jason will not die

Who stronger Michael Myers or Jason?

Jason would win because Michael is a human (no he not if he was human there would only be one Halloween that because mike got sho 12 times in the chest) and Jason is not and in Freddy vs Jason Freddy puts like 12 spikes in Jason and he pules them out and is total fine but that would kill Michael (like i said no it would not) and Jason gets his arm cut of and the next day he rose with both his arms (fingers not arm) with Freddys head. but you right Jason would win. No question. Jason would kill Michael in a minute. Jason has a higher body count than Michael, meaning he is a more experienced killer. Plus, he dishes out more brutal means of murder. And he is way tougher than Michael.

Who won is Freddy vs Jason?

AnswerNeither of them won, exactly. Well, if I remember correctly, Jason cuts off Freddy's head and carries it away with him, but just before the credits roll, Freddy's head winks at the camera/audience (Jason is carrying the head with the back of it forward and the face behind him).AnswerJason cuts off Freddy's head and Freddy winks at the camera.AnswerBasically Jason won but since Freddy is still a living human being and Jason is like a zombie all they did was put stupid little affects for people to fall off their couch.AnswerJason never cuts off Freddy's head. It was Laurie who used Jason's machete to cut off his head. Freddy was about to kill Jason but Laurie set the dock on fire sending them both into the lake. Freddy appears on the dock with the machete and his about to kill Laurie and Will (her boyfriend), but since Freddy lost his glove in the explosion (from the dock fire)Jason uses his remaining energy to jump out and thrust the glove through the heart of Freddy. Jason falls dead into the lake ,and Laurie grabs the machete dropped by Freddy. She then says "Welcome to my Nightmare B****!" and chops his head off; in the closing scene you see the resurrected Jason walking out with Freddy's head that winks and laughs (signaling a sequel.) The end.AnswerOh, yeah, I remember now. That's right.

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Who would win a ghost or Dracula?

The ghost would win first, and then Dracula would win second. Dracula would grow weak and tired chasing the ghost. The ghost has no blood, so Dracula would starve to death while he tried to catch the elusive ghost. Once Dracula dies, he would become a vengeful ghost, who would then wear the first ghost like a coat.

Who would win Jason and chucky?

Jason would win, Chucky's a doll he has no chance against Jason.

Who would win Jason or leatherface?


Who would win a predalien or Jason?

predalien would win because it would out smart Jason and stab him with his tail

What was Jason Roberts main idea while writing Dracula?

Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula, not Jason Roberts.

Who would win Jason or chucky?

Jason because Jason fears no one

Who would win Jason or Michael Myers?

jason. he has a bigger sword!

Who would win in a fight between Rambo and Jason Bourne?


Who would win in a fight Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Jason vorhees?

Considering 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is a movie, not a person/character. I would say Jason would win. If you are asking 'would Leatherface or Jason win?' Since Leatherface has a chainsaw, I would vote for him.

Who would win Freddy or chucky or Jason?

As seen in the film Freddie vs Jason, released between 2000 and 2010, Jason kills Freddie, and as Chucky's merely a doll. Jason would still win.

Who would win in a fight the grudge or Jason voorhees?

The grudge is also and immortal like Jason so no one would win.

Who would win Masterchief or Jason?

The Chief