Who won the WWE champion tonight?

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Batista beat John Cena at the elimination chamber. the match wasnt official mr McMahon made the match after john cena won the elimination chamber. Batista is the new WWE champion.

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Q: Who won the WWE champion tonight?
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How many different titles has big show won in WWE?

The Big Show has won the ECW World Champion, WWE Champion, WCW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion

Who won the WWE champion at WrestleMania 27?

The current WWE Champion The Miz successfully defended his WWE Championship.

How many time did cm punk won the WWE champion?

I think he has been the WWE Champion twice. I think he has been WWE World Champion once and ECW Champion once while at the WWE.

WWE How many times has tripel h won the WWE chmponchip?

6 time champion 3 time wwe champion,3 time heavyweight champion

Who is all the champions in the WWE?

The current champions in WWE are:The current WWE Champion is John Cena. He won the belt March 28, 2010.The current WWE United Stated Champion is The Miz. He won the belt October 5, 2009.The current WWE Divas Champion is Eve. She won the belt April 12, 2010.The current World Heavyweight Champion is Jack Swagger. He won the belt March 30, 2010.The current WWE Intercontinental Champion is Drew McIntyre. He won the belt December 13, 2009.The current WWE Women's Champion is Layla. She won the belt May 11, 2010.

How many times goldberg is WWE champion?

None. He is a one time World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE. He never won the WWE Title

Who will won wwe champion and boxer?

randy orton

Has jeff hardy ever won a WWE champ?

Yes. He has been a WWE champion. Jeff Hardy has won many championships in the WWE. He was a 6 time Tag Team champion, an Intercontinental champion, a WWE Champion, a World Heavyweight Champion etc. he was one of WWEs most successful wrestlers who was also a fan favourite.

Who won the WWE chapionship 8 times?

John Cena is a 10 time WWE champion and Triple H is a 8 time WWE champion

Who become most time WWE champion?

john cena is the most time wwe championship won man he is a 11 time wwe champion.

How many WWE titles has Triple H won?

Triple H has won the following titles in the WWE. 1. 8 time WWE Champion 2. 5 time World Heavyweight Champion 3. 2 time European champion 4. 5 time Intercontinental champion 5. 2 time WWE Tag Team Champion

Who won the most world champion in wwe?

Triple h

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