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bobby lashley definitely are you dum ! ! !

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Q: Who wins john cena or bobby lashley?
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Who wins in WWE extream rules betwean jom cean and brock lesnar?

John cena

Who won at WWE Judgment Day 2009 Edge vs Jeff Hardy Randy Orton vs Batista Jack Swagger vs Christian Umaga vs CM Punk Shelton Benjamin vs John Morrison John Cena vs Big Show?

The results from the event on May 17, 2009 : * Jeff hardy vs Edge, Edge wins. * Randy Orton vs Batista, Batista wins (by disqualification) * Jack Swagger vs Christian, Christian wins. * Umaga vs CM punk, Umaga wins. * Shelton Benjamin vs John Morrison, John Morrison wins (with Charlie Haas) * John Cena vs The Big Show, John Cena wins.

Why was john cena attacked by the NXT rookies?

Because its suppose to feel also of drama going to the fatal 4 way so that everyone be shock if john cena shows up and wins the title John cena will not be able to compete so he will have to give up his title and who ever wins the fatal 4 way will get it and wady barron will probably take his spot and wayde will end up wining the championship then john cena will return with a breakout year win the title back. and because there pussies and gaybos for doing that stuff wade

Who would win in this match Randy Orton or Edge?

Who would win would depend on if it was a "professional wrestling" fight or an a real fight.In the case of a professional wrestling fight it would depend on who was scripted to win. Note that at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Rock faced Cena in the main event and won and at WrestleMania 29, Cena was the winner.In a real fight it's less certain since the Rock is 5 years older than Cena and may be in physical decline from his peak physique while Cena is still active in the "sport". It is notable that in non-scripted conversation Cena has referred to the Rock as "the biggest superstar in the history of WWE". And when discussing the greatest wrestlers the conversation normally includes BOTH the Rock and Cena.======================================================================================The Rock betrayed wwe. He would not come back to wrestle and besides, The Rock hasn't wrestled in a while so he may have some ring rust. Cena would win if they were to compete.this is a diff person then who wrote that anyway.....that person is obviously a loser the rock is a legand in every gameand hes a legend anyway who acres if he betrayed themit would be a legendary fight the rocks experience is an advantagebut john cena is one of the hardest wrestlers goin in historyi think in afew years time john cena should or would be a legend tooput john cena up against stone cold and see who winsif stone cold wins then the rock would obviously win cena toocoz stone cold vs the rock has always been legendary fightsbut if cena wins then obviously cena would beat the rock...true?John Cena has a lot of talent so all yhu people who say he will lose keep dreaming cuz john cena is the one and only greatest 9 time champion in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many wins has jockey john l frogner won?


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Who wins john cena or the rock?

John Cena

Who win more Triple H or john cena?

triple h wins more than john cena john cena only wins when he become angrytriple h wins john cena many times but john cena win triple h only 4 times and triple h wins john cena about 9-13

Who wins John Cena or sheamus?


Who will win the match John cena or David otunga on 12-13-10?

yes cena wins bcuz if nexus wont interefere absolutely cena wins and cena is frustated to nexus too cena wins

How many wins did john cena have in 2008?

he had 74 wins in 2008.

Who wins the royal rumble 2013?

john cena won the royal rumble match

Who wins title from sheamus?

edge or john cena

Can john cena come back to the WWE?

yeah if he wins the slammy awards wade barrett will have to reinstate john cena

Who wins the WWE 2013 Royal Rumble?

John Cena did.

Will john cena and undertaker face at WrestleMania sometime?

they may and i hope that john cena wins because i am tired of undertakers streak

Is John Cena on the nexus still?

no matter who wins at survivor series barrett or orton john cena is free of nexus or out of wwe