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Rey Mysterio because hes better

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Q: Who wins dolph ziggler or rey myserio?
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Why was dolph ziggler suspended?

cause he attacked rey mysterio

Is rey myserio in smackdown or raw?

Rey Mysterio is on Smackdown.

How is Rey Myserio's girlfrend?

Jordan Britnell

Why does rey myserio hate Eddie gurerro?

He doesn't they were best friends

Who wins the intercontinental championship at summerslam 2009?

Now(August 23,2009) is the summerslam 2009,,, so the summerslam 2009 is not yet released in the Internet.........But I will come back here to improve my answer after I watch the summerslam 2009.............................. ReY Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler....Right????????

Results of WWE the bash 2009?

Tommy dreamer rey mysterio dolph ziggler michele mccool edge and Jericho Jeff hardy by dq john cena randy orton

Who won at night of champions the miz vs Cody Rhodes vs rey mysterio vs sin cara?

rey myserio

Who will win at summerslam 2010?

Dolph Ziggler should win Kofi Kingston Randy Orton should win Sheamus Kane should win Rey Mysterio Team WWE should win The Nexus

Who will win at extreme rules 2010?

John Cena vs Batista Last Man Standing gonna win John Cena.Rey Mysterio vs Cm Punk if cm punk losses his gonna be shaved.gonna win Rey Mysterio.Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger for the heavyweight championship gonna win Randy Orton..Sheamus vs Triple H street fight gonna win Triple H.That's All in mine opinion. The Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler Punjabi prison match if Khali or ziggler loses they will wear a chicken attire. gonna win the great khali. Dude you just answered the superstar you WANT to win. WWE share it around with bad guys and good guys. NO NO. Cena vs Batista CENA WINS Randy Orton Vs Swagger Orton CM PUNKS VS REY Punk White Sheamus Vs HHH SHEAMUS WINS> DAMMMIT DOLPH VS KAHLI (GIANT) DOLPH WINS I hope SHOMIZ VS HART DYNASTY so the hart family win.

Who is the worst wrestler in WWE?

Im guessing FUNAKI,DOLPH ZIGGLER,HORNSWOGGLE or JIMMY WANG YANG...*FUNAKI sucks I bet KELLY KELLY can beat him...*DOLPH ZIGGLER also sucks he just thinks hes cool...*HORSWOGGLE well its his height that makes him the worst!!Even I could beat him and im not even a teenager...*JIMMY WANG YANG sucks realy badly,REY MYSTERIOjust hit him with a steel chair and managed to pin him!!Wow what a loser! =DD.Y

Who won capitol punishment WWE?

Dolph Ziggler should win Kofi Kingston The Big Show should win Alberto Del Rio CM Punk should win Rey Mysterio Randy Orton should win Christian John Cena should win R-Truth

What are all the WWE finishing MOVES?

cm punk go to sleep,john cena adtitude adjustment,randy orton rko,rey myserio 619,wade barett wasteland