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Q: Who will win sur 13 or 18th street?
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Is this a prison tattoo sur 13?

Sur 13 aka Surenos is a Hispanic street gang(also in the prison system). All Surenos are under the La Gran Mafia's control.To answer your quesiton, yes Sur 13 is one of many tattoos that Sureno gang members get to show their gang affiliation.

Are there whites in sur 13?

Sur 13 is mainly a hispanic gang but it is not rare to find a caucasion member.

What are the most infamous gangs in the world?

The Bloodhound Gang. aha Infamous: MS 13, 18th Street, Bloods, Crips, latin Kings, Disciples

How old was mz. krazie when she joined sur 13?

She was 13

What is the area of Chemilly-sur-Serein?

The area of Chemilly-sur-Serein is 13 square kilometers.

What gang was ms krazie from?

Sur 13

Which is a bigger gang ms 13 or 18 street?

18 street is the biggest gang in the world, and its takin over. 18 street is the biggest gang in the world, and its takin over. Puro sur 13 los nortenos me la pelan southside

What gang is bigger the crips or the sur 13?

sur 13 is the biggeest gang in the world it has 15 differnt clicks and they are spread out all over the world

Is sur 13 the biggesr Mexican gang?

No the Latin Kings are the biggest single gang in the US. Sur 13 is an alliance of hundreds of gangs, not one gang alone.

What horse race did street sense win?

In 13 starts Street Sense won 6 races. Among his biggest wins are the Kentucky Derby and the Travers Stakes, both in 2007.

What are the ratings and certificates for Arizona sur - 2007?

Arizona sur - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

Most dangerous gang?

l.s.13 sur trece