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I think the Undertaker should have a shot at that, that would be the best Wrestlmania ever, although, it could be either Randy Ortan, or Dave Batista I know john Cean will win. John Cena will beat JBL FOR the WWE title and Batista will beat HHH for the WORLD title WRESTLEMANIA 22 IS COMING U IDIOTS IN APRIL 2006 AND ITS FEBRUARY 2006 NOW SO TAKE SOME OF THESE ANCIENT QUESTIONS OFF wrestlemania 21 results- batista HAS beaten hhh for the world heavyweight title john cena HAS beaten jbl for the wwe title and other boring matches

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โˆ™ 2006-02-08 23:06:10
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Q: Who will win both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 21?
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What is the hever WWE or world heavyweight championship?

They are both equal in prestige. Smackdown gets the World Heavyweight Championship and Raw gets the WWE Championship.

What championship matches will their be at WrestleMania 26?

Wwe champion randy orton vs. World heavyweight champion rey mysterio i`ll even do better rey becomes both wwe and world champion. I work for wwe so i know this stuff.

Who has the most WWE world heavyweight titles?

The Undertaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The champion that has had the most reigns is Triple H and Edge they have both had the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt 5 times Can I have one

Who has won the world titles in WWE?

Only HHH & Y2J had the honor to win both the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight title at the same time

What started the rivalry between undertaker and batista?

it started with wm23. batista earned a chance to face taker at wm23 and he lost the world heavyweight championship and it became 15-0. then he wanted a last man standing match at backlash 2007. it was a draw kuz batista speared both of them through the entrances. then sometime in may, there was a steel cage match for the championship. and both mens feet touched the ground at the same time so it was a draw. then at cyber Sunday, the world heavyweight championship was on the line and stone cold Steve Austin was special guest referee. and undertaker lost but idk wat happened after that but i do know dat at wm24 it was edge and undertaker and world heavyweight championship on the line and edge tapped out to the new submission and taker won the world heavyweight championship and it became 16-0

Will ever be a match for both the world heavy weight championship and the WWE championship?

It can happen, but W. W. E. choose to not make it happen because they have two brands that thoose two champions can be in. It wouldnt be fun for SmackDown if both W. W. E. Champion and World Heavyweight Champion be in RAW.

Who won the 2012 money in the bank ladder match?

The winners of both 2012 Money in the Bank ladder matches are Dolph Ziggler (won the World Heavyweight Championship contract) and John Cena (won the WWE Championship contract).

Which title is better and why WWE champ or world heavyweight champ?

Both the titles are of equal importance if we consider the championship per say. The WWE championship which was the only world championship in the WWE before they bought out WCW may be considered a slightly more prestigious title among the insiders in the WWE but both champions are treated equally when it comes to importance in the WWE

Who was the first person to win both world titles in heavyweight and light heavyweight at the same time?

bob fitzimmons

How many world titles does Kurt angle have 2011?

This is a question many have wanted to know for years now. Mainly because TNA has given him credit for more actual World titles than he has held. If you break it down to actual "World" titles, he has held 12. TNA claims 15. Here's how it goes... World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) WWF/E Championship-Originally the W.W.W.F. World Heavyweight title, then the WWF World Heavyweight title, and now the WWE "Undisputed" Heavyweight championship of the World, or for short, THE WWE championship. Kurt Angle held this title 4 times. WWE World Heavyweight championship-Originally the WCW World Heavyweight title. Kurt Angle has held this title 1 time. WCW World Heavyweight championship. Kurt Angle has held this title 1 time. Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) TNA World Heavyweight championship Kurt Angle has held this title 4 times (as of 01/01/12) National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) NWA World Heavyweight championship Kurt Angle has held this title 1 time. Though both the NWA & TNA refuse to recognize. Still, he won the match, and was awarded the belt. New Japan Pro Wrestling-All titles sanctioned by the International Wrestling Grand Prix (New Japan Pro/IWGP) New Japan IWGP World Heavyweight championship Kurt Angle has held this title 1 time. Collectively, that makes Kurt Angle an actual 12 time World's champion. I'm not sure what TNA counts as the other 3. My guess is his olympic gold medal, and either his 2 NCAA National titles, or 1 NCAA National title and his World title in Amateur wrestling. Either way, it's wrong. To sum up this answer once and for all, Kurt Angle is a 12 time Heavyweight champion of this World.

Who won both the formula 1 and motorcyclye world championship?

John Surtees won both the 500cc World Championship (1956, 1958, 1959 and 1960) and the Formula One World Championship (1964). To date, he remains the only driver to win a World Championship on both rwo and four wheels.

Is someone ever going have both the WWE championship and the world heavyweight championship?

Maybe. It has happenened before, in 2001, at the PPV Vengance. Chris Jericho deffeted Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock on the same night to become the first ever undisputed WWE champion. Hope this helps.

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