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That doesn’t make sense O.o

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Q: Who will answer this rediculus question?
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Do sprout sandy story really draw in sand?

This is rediculus none of these answers have any thing to do with this question. Does anyone know the real answer?

Why don't ps3s come with a wireless controller?

So people can make more money on what they sell. <-_->S sigh, meow. its rediculus i kno

Is it hard for people that are Gemini to be nice?

Horoscopes are merely superstition. It is rediculus to believe that every person born within the same month has identical personalities.

Are there any deals at domino's?

There aer the 2 medium, 2 topping pizzas for $5.99 each. But that's $5.99 EACH, EACH, EACH, EACH!! That's rediculus. (did I spell that right?)But if you want pizza go there because they have the best pizza in the world!

What are horse shows like in 4-H?

I dont personaly show in 4-H horse shows i have found that they have a rediculus rules (at lest the ones by me). if you are thinking about showing in a 4-H horse show you should contact your 4-H leader and get a Horse show rule book

What are the notes for the end of the world?

i personally do not believe in the end of the world.. its rediculus to me.. there is no known facts and just because a calender ends doesnt mean that the world will end there are machienes to make more just like us in the US we make a new one every year so why cant they? its not going to end

What another way to evolve machoke?

one way is trading with a freind. i heard of a nother way where you put your machoke up on gts you dont want it traded so say for somthing rediculus like darkrai. make any other trade on gts then remove your machoke and it will evolve into a machamp. iv just herd of this so please tell me if it works. (post a mesage on my bord)

How old can a child be to ride in the backseat without being in a car seat in the state of Indiana?

I belive the standard is the same in all states, and it goes by height and weight. I remember seeing those booster seat commercials and it was a rediculus heing like 4' 9" to ride without a booster, I would want to double check that answer though because it has been awhile since I have seen it.

Does multipoint fuel injection system engine need spark plug?

Yes it needs spark plugs, every type of enternal combustion engine needs something to ignite the compressed air/fuel mix in the cylinder, including diesel engines they use glow plugs that help heat the mix and have a rediculus compression ratio which heats the mixture to the point it will combust with very little help.

What are something about community?

all i can say is dat in a romantic relationship whn a chick is cold and distent a guy hs done somthin and u hv to apologise even if u dnt knw why , if u want to knw irrtate e answer out of her, ask her till she ansas u. . . . . .. . Ps no matter hw stupid e ansa is dnt judge her.... She turnds to try ...actually proves her point in a rediculus way

What is the answer to the question if the question is the answer?

The question is the answer to the answer of the question

Is it a question or An question?

It is "a question".