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The cast of The Vicar of Dibley - 1994 includes: Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy Sting as himself Sean Bean as himself Linda Beckett as Woman at nativity Nicholas Blane as Singing Vicar John Bluthal as Frank Pickle Hugh Bonneville as Jeremy Ogilvy Orla Brady as Aoife Max Brazier as George Kristy Bruce as Jane Darcey Bussell as herself Richard Cant as Choir Member Peter Capaldi as Tristan Campbell Peter Capaldi as Tristram Campbell Joy Carroll as Herself - Rev Joy Carroll Peter Cartwright as Funeral Man Emma Chambers as Alice Horton Emma Chambers as Alice Tinker Nathalie Cox as Hetty Johnny Depp as himself Sarah Ferguson as herself James Fleet as Hugo Horton Dawn French as Geraldine Granger Jane Galloway as Mrs. Bartlett Mel Giedroyc as Mary Tinker Andy Greenhalgh as Reporter Richard Griffiths as Bishop of Mulberry Edward Halsted as Local TV Reporter Edward Halsted as Newsreader Miranda Hart as Suzie Keeley Hawes as Rosie Kennedy Rachel Hunter as herself Connie Hyde as Ruth Leigh Jasper as Sue Patricia Kane as Doris Trott Hilary Kay as herself Edward Kelsey as Mr.Harris Dervla Kirwan as Assumpta Fitzgerald Nicholas Le Prevost as Daniel Frobisher Damian Lewis as Anglican Priest Martyn Lewis as himself Roger Lloyd Pack as Owen Newitt Preston Lockwood as Vicar Pottle Jamie Lucraft as Colin Rupert Maas as himself Carol MacReady as Mrs. Tinker Clive Mantle as Simon Horton Simon McBurney as Cecil Simon McBurney as Choirmaster Alistair McGowan as DJ Rory McGrath Geraldine McNulty as Bigamy Lady Geraldine McNulty as Radio Character Kylie Minogue as herself Fernand Monast as Jean-Paul Charlotte Palmer as Autograph Lady Jeremy Paxman as himself Trevor Peacock as Jim Trott Leslie Pearson as Pianist Charles Pemberton as Vet Brian Perkins as Archbishop of Canterbury Melissa Phelps as Cellist Jon Plowman as Election Official Julia Prague as Martha Satosha Ramsey as Girl Fan Sophie Raworth as herself Jessica Sears as Amanda Marlene Sidaway as Mistaken Mother Roger Sloman as Mr. Badcock Liz Smith as Letitia Cropley Cristian Solimeno as Steve David Sterne as Angry Man Trudie Styler as herself Guillaume Tobo as Italian Newsreader Stephen Tompkinson as Father Peter Clifford Gareth Vaughan as Gonads Nina Wadia as Miss Carr Gary Waldhorn as David Horton Moray Watson as The Stranger Philip Whitchurch as Reg Dwight Terry Wogan as himself Stewart Wright as Local TV newsreader Mike Yarwood

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Gary Waldhorn plays Matthew Horton, the committree chairman. His son Hugo is played by James Fleet. Roger Lloyd-Pack plays the farmer . Liz Smith played Letitia Cropley in the first series.

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Q: Who were the other members of the cast of the vicar of dibley?
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