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Currently there is a family who are descendants of him but none named elbridge

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Q: Who were the descendants of Elbridge Gerry Jr 1793-868 also named Elbridge?
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Where was gerrymander named?

The term "gerrymander" was named after Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts and the word "salamander," based on the shape of a redistricted district during his governorship in 1812.

Gerrymandering is named after what founding father?

Gerrymandering was named after Elbridge Gerry. Gerry was Governor of Massachusetts at the time, and he was in the middle of an effort of purging Federalists from positions of power in the state. The districts that he drew to maximize his own party's chances were said to resemble salamanders, giving rise to the word gerrymander. Gerry lost his re-election bid, but his work for his party was rewarded by President James Madison, who named Gerry as Vice President when Madison's first VP, George Clinton, passed away. Gerry would die in office two years later.

Where did gerrymandering begin?

The word comes from a former US politician (5th US Vice President) named "Elbridge Gerry" who drew oddly shaped districts that supposedly looked like salamanders in order to make sure that particular districts had a Democratic-Republican majority. The words "Gerry" and "salamander" were merged to create "gerrymander".

What is meant by gerrymanding?

Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral districts in a representative democracy to maximise the benefit to the incumbents. It is named for the American politician Elbridge Gerry, who created electoral districts of bizarre shapes to guarantee his re-election. On viewing one of them, an observer said that he thought is was a salamander, whereupon some wit said, "No, it's a Gerry-mander".

Do gerry capo is single?

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What is the redrawing of congressional district lines to reflect population shifts called?

gerrymandering - it is named afgter Elbridge Gerry, the governor of Massachusettes, in the 1812 elections. A district is said to have been gerrymandered when its hsape is altered substantially by the dominant party in a state legistalure to maximize its electoral strength at the expense of the minoority party.

What is the origin term of gerrymander?

The term is derived from Elbridge Gerry, a Massachusetts governor who redrew the districts in his State to favor his party. One district looked like a snake stretched across the State, so a political cartoonist added claws, wings, and teeth to it and called it a "gerrymander."

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Are there any living descendants of US Grant?

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What is the process of adjusting Congressional districts due to population changes known as?

Gerrymandering. Named after a politician named Gerry and for the shape of the district that he created resembling a salamander.