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Maid Marian has been played by many actresses in both movies and television shows. The first actress to play her on television was Bernadette O'Farrell in the 1955 series "The Adventures of Robin Hood". Later, in the same series, Maid Marian was played by actress Patricia Driscoll. Judi Trott played her role as Maid Marian in the TV show "Robin of Sherwood" from 1984-1986. In the 1991 TV movie "Robin Hood", she was played by Uma Thurman. In the 1973 Disney animated movie "Robin Hood", Maid Marian was voiced by Monica Adams, while Nancy Adams did her singing voice. In the movie "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" actress Amy Yasbeck played Maid Marian.

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Q: Who were some actresses that played the part of Maid Marian?
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