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Junior Walker - Singer

James Graves - Drummer

Willie Woods - Lead Guitar

Victor Thomas - Bass Guitar

Tony Washington - Guitar

Harvey Fuqua - Manager

Junior Walker died on November 23, 1995 in Battle Creek, Michigan of cancer at the age of 64. He had been inducted into the Rhythm And Blues Foundation that year. Drummer James Graves died in 1967 in a car accident, and guitarist Willie Woods in 1997 at age 60. Victor "Vic" Thomas died Sunday, November 28, 2010 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Tony Washington is the only original surviving band member of the four that Harvey Fuqua signed to his label in 1961 and took to Motown with him.

Junior Walker's remains were buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, in Battle Creek, Michigan, under a marker with both his birthname of Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr., and his stage name displayed.

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Q: Who were all members of junior walker and the all-stars?
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