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Q: Who were Christine McGuire's of the McGuire Sisters husbands?
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Where is Christine McGuire of the McGuire Sisters in 2010?

Christine maguire of the maguire sisters is still alive and lives in las Vegas with her husband (as of December 2010)

Are the mcguire sisters triplets?

No the mc lain sisters are not triplets but they do look the same!

Are all the McGuire Sisters still living?

No. Ruby Christine McGuire died December 28, 2018; Dorothy "Dottie" McGuire died September 7, 2012; and Phyllis Jean McGuire died December 29, 2020.

What is the age of the McGuire sisters?

79, 80 ,81 Phyllis youngest Christine oldest Dorothy Middle

Where is mcguires pub in Bradenton florida?

The McGuire Sisters opened a restuarant in Bradenton, Fl in the late 60's on 26th Street between Manatee Avenue and Cortez Road. It has long since closed.

What church denomination were The McGuire Sisters?

Christine McGuire,Dorothy McGuire,and Phyllis McGuire, The McGuire Sisters were a singing trio in American popular music. The sisters began singing in a church in Middletown, Ohio where their mother was an ordained minister, when Phyllis was only 4 years old. By 1949, they were performing at military bases and church functions. The Church name is First Church of God in Miamisburg, Ohio. It is a protestant church.

When did The McGuire Sisters end?

The McGuire Sisters ended in 1968.

Where were The McGuire Sisters born?

The McGuire Sisters were born in Middletown, Ohio, United States.

Which sisters had the 1955 hit Sincerely?

McGuire Sisters

How can you write to McGuire sisters in Las Vegas?

With your HAND.

Sisters' in a sentence?

My brothers-in-law are my sisters' misters. I don't know which of the sisters' husbands he is.

Is your sisters son any relation to your husbands sisters son?

Well, it depends how close you are to your husbands family. If you really want to know they are cousins-in-law.