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they were in the world

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Q: Who were Alex olmedo' parents?
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When was Alex Delvecchio born?

Alex Delvecchio was born on December 4, 1931.

When was Manuel Olmedo born?

Manuel Olmedo was born in 1983.

What is Fuente-Olmedo's population?

The population of Fuente-Olmedo is 45.

When was Blanca Olmedo created?

Blanca Olmedo was created in 1908.

What has the author Ignacio Olmedo written?

Ignacio Olmedo has written: 'Yarao'

When was Ray Olmedo born?

Ray Olmedo was born on 1981-05-31.

When was Onib Olmedo born?

Onib Olmedo was born on 1937-07-07.

When was Quiterio Olmedo born?

Quiterio Olmedo was born on 1907-12-21.

When was Alberto Olmedo born?

Alberto Olmedo was born on 1933-08-24.

When did Alberto Olmedo die?

Alberto Olmedo died on 1988-03-05.

When was Nicolás Olmedo born?

Nicolás Olmedo was born on 1983-03-10.

When was Leonel Olmedo born?

Leonel Olmedo was born on 1981-04-08.