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isabelle severino, 2005 European champion

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Q: Who was the stunt double for Missy Peregrym in the movie stick it?
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Who plays Haley graham in the movie stick it?

Missy Peregrym.

What is the birth name of Missy Peregrym?

No, Missy Peregrym is not single. She is currently married to Zachary Levi. The couple were married in early 2014.

What is Missy Peregrym best known for?

Melissa "Missy" Peregrym is a Canadian actress and former fashion model. She is most known for her role in the film "Stick It" and the TV show "Heroes".

Who is the lead actress of the movie stick it?

Melissa - ka Missy - Peregrym [June 16, 1982] is the lead actress, and the narrator. wow i love this movie

What is the main character in stick it named?

Her name is Haley Grahem played by Missy Peregrym

Did Kurt Russell play in the movie Stick it?

No, the lead character (Haley) is played by Missy Peregrym. On the cover of Stick It, it only looks alot like Kristen Stewart.

Did Missy peregrym do her own stunts in stick it?

No she did not do all of the stunts in the movie, although it would have made her even more interesting and attractive. She did do many of the extreme work outs that Olympic gymnasts do to prepare and build their strength for the tricks. She did do some of the easier things like the handsprings and other tricks, they just couldn't spend the time and money to teach her how to do all of the tricks.(Plus she didn't have any prior gymnastic experience.)

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Yes, the back of each is double stick tape.

What are the release dates for Movie on a Stick - 2013?

Movie on a Stick - 2013 was released on: USA: June 2013

Is kellan lutz in a show called stick it?

Yeah he was in the movie Stick It (:

What are the release dates for Double Stick Fundamentals and Patterns - 2008?

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What is a good gymnastics movie?

Stick it!