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Robert Hooke.

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Q: Who was the scientist who described cells as many little boxes?
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Who was Scientist that first described cells?


Scientist who first described cells?


Who is the scientist that first described cells?

I think it was Anton van Leeuwenhoek who first described cells.

Who was the first scientist first to described cells?

i think the fist scientist to describe a cell was ROBERT HOOKE because he was the one who wrote about them in the first place.

Who called cells tiny boxes?

Robert Hooke called cells "little boxes" in the 1600's

Who was the first scientist to observed that cork was composed of tiny hollow boxes that he called cells?

Robert Hooke

Who isThe scientist who first who first described living cells seen through a simple microscope?

Robert hooke

What you call a scientist who studies cells?

a scientist who studys cells are called what

What are the columns and row from individual boxes in spreadsheet called?

The boxes are cells and together they form a row.

Who was the first scientist to use tiny drops of pond water to observe and describe cells?

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek was first scientist who studied pond water and observed , discovered and described many organisms in 1773 .

Which scientist gave the name cells to the structures he viewed?

Robert Hooke described the parts of cork he saw under a microscope as "cells" in 1665. He said this because they looked like jail cells.

Which scientist discovered cells in plants?

Robert Hooke is the scientist that discovered cells in plants.