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the deity of the magara's is Johnny Depp!!

lol just kidding dont know who it really is just wonted to know and they dont have it!

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Q: Who was the rivals of the megara?
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When did Battle of Megara happen?

Battle of Megara happened in -424.

When was Euclid of Megara born?

Euclid of Megara was born in -435.

When did Euclid of Megara die?

Euclid of Megara died in -365.

Which Disney movie is the character Megara from?

Megara, voiced by Susan Egan, is from Disney's Hercules(1997).

Is Apollo the greek god of megara?

no he is of truth, music, the sun and prophecies not the city megara HOWEVER, he is the patron god of Megara

What symbols represent megara?

Megara is known for its textiles,temples,statues,and its open air theatres. The god of megara is Apollo

What kind of art did Megara have in Ancient Greece?

the kind of art did megara have in ancient greece is megara was a highlu respected atstate in ancient greece.

What is important about Megara's government?

The important thing about Megara's government is that it is a democracy. Megara is located in Greece and has one of the most thriving economies in the world.

What is the geography of ancient megara?

Megara is an ancient Greek city-state. People had a lot of freedom in Megara. There were mountains, such as Mount Lycabettus.

Who ruled megara?

Megara was one of the four districts of Attica, embodied in the four mythic sons of King Pandion II, of whom Nisos was the ruler of Megara.

What kind of gods represent megara Greece?

Apollo was megara's god he was the god of the sun

What was Megara's capital city?

Megara was a city-state, that is it was a city surrounded by agricultural land with a seaport.