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Humpty- hump

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Q: Who was the rapper in the 80's who wore Groucho Marx Glasses and nose?
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What comic inspired a classic disguise featuring bushy eyebrows a mustache glasses and a plastic nose?

Groucho Marx

What do you call the glasses with fake nose and mustache?

Groucho Glasses

What can you use as the nose for a snowman instead of a carrot?

Pretty much anything. Charcoal, a rock, big button, lightbulb, Groucho Marx glasses with the nose attached. All of these would work. Let you imagination go.

Who is the rapper that raps red nose?

Sage The Gemini

On the nose and also the table?


What is the name of those glasses with the lines through them?

They are called "pince-nez" glasses. These glasses do not have arms but instead have a nose clip or pinching mechanism to stay in place on the wearer's nose.

What is a homophone that is found on the nose or on the table?


Can I wear my prescription glasses under 3D television glasses?

Yes, Wearing 3D television glasses without your perscription glasses may highly distort what you are seeing, i would recomend wearing perscription glasses high on your nose and wearing your 3D glasses low on your nose, that way they do not bump.

What is the proper name for the dents on nose caused by wearing glasses?

The proper name for the dents left on the nose caused by wearing glasses is 'black spots'.

What is the function bridge of the nose?

to hold your eye glasses

Found on the nose or on the table?

Glasses are found on the nose or on the table. This is an example of a word, or language riddle.

What is the best way to cover up spectacle marks on the nose?

The best way to get rid of spectacle marks on your nose is to make sure that your glasses are fitted properly. You will have more noticeable marks if you are hot and sweaty so remove your glasses when doing exercise. You can also buy glasses that rest on the nose rather than nose pieces and these won't leave a mark.