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Franco-nethernlandish school

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Q: Who was the national school dominated High Renaissance music?
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How did music relate to the Harlem renaissance?

how did the following relate to the renaissance;music ,literature,and art

Use the word Renaissance in a sentence?

The music of the baroque is far better than the music of the renaissance.

When was National Association of Schools of Music created?

National Association of Schools of Music was created in 1924.

How was music from the Renaissance different from previous music?

The Renaissance saw the development of homophonic texture in music, a step away from plainchants and the church, and music as a means of expression.

How can you use renaissance in a sentence?

There has recently been a renaissance of techno music

What is the type of voice that dominated Opera music?


What type of music was popular during Harlem Renaissance?

Jazz was the most popular type of music during the Harlem Renaissance.

What gender sung renaissance music?

Men and women sung renaissance music, but in most cases males would sing

The Renaissance in music occurred between?

The Renaissance era in Western music began in about 1400, in northern Italy.

How do you know if music is renaissance music?

Renaissance music started to use more polyphony than monophonic. It also started to have music in the background, compared to a Capella. The music was used to entertainment and not just for religious purposes.

What has the author Morton Latham written?

Morton Latham has written: 'The renaissance of music' -- subject(s): Renaissance, History and criticism, Music

Is Baroque music Renaissance?

No, the Renaissance period came slightly before the Baroque period. However, a large number of Baroque composers were influenced by Renaissance music.