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Maryse held the title for 216 days or 7 months 6 days

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Q: Who was the longest diva champion?
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Who is the WWE Diva's champion?

The Current WWE Diva's Champion is Alicia Fox

Who is WWE diva's Champion?


Will Maryse win the divas Champion?

Yes, she already is a diva champion

Who was the first Diva's Champion?

Michelle McCool

Who the WWE diva champion?

Mickie James

Is kelly kelly the best diva ever?

Yes because when ever she gets a wwe champion chance she always is the champion and she is the hottest and sexiest diva too.

Who had the WWE divas champion first?

The first ever Diva's Champion was Michelle McCool.

What is the name of current WWE diva champion?


Was Torrie Wilson going to be the first diva's champion?

She was going to be the 1st diva's champion but she had a very bad back injury and her doctor said not to wrestle again. She had to retire.

Which WWE diva is a?

if you meant the greatest diva it was trish stratus 6 time women's champion or lita who was and is and will always be a slut

When will Beth phoenix return to the WWE?

She is already with the WWE. She is the diva's champion

How do you be a divas championship?

To become the Diva's Champion, you must beat the current Diva's Championship belt holder. Currently, AJ Lee is the WWE's Diva's Championship Belt holder.