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Sister Sledge is a multitalented group consisting of three sisters who are all lead singers.

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Q: Who was the lead singer of sister sledge?
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When was Sister Sledge created?

Sister Sledge was created in 1972.

Which Sister Sledge Sang With Husband?

kathy sledge

Who was the girl in the blue car in the movie The Playas Club Was she a member of Sister Sledge?

no no members of the group sister sledge was in that movie no no members of the group sister sledge was in that movie

When was Together - Sister Sledge album - created?

Together - Sister Sledge album - was created in 1976.

Who sang the original version of Frankie Do You Remember Me?

Sister sledge .. but im sure someone did a cover? :/ x

Is sister sledge related to Percy sledge?

Nothing I have found indicates any relationship between Percy Sledge, born in November 1941, in Leighton, AL, and Sister Sledge, formed in 1971 in North Philadelphia, PA.

What was the name of the lead singer of the rock band twister sister?

Dee Snider

Who is the lead singer of done with dolls?

Well, Kylie WAS the lead singer bfore, but Done With Dolls got more popular after her sister Jordan began singing.

What is the 1979 Sister Sledge song hit?

We Are Family

Who sings the song you are family?

"We are Family"-Sister Sledge

Does the lead singer of doors have any siblings?

I believe that Jim Morrison had a brother and a sister

Who is the lead singer in Hey Soul Sister by Train?

The lead singer of Train is Patrick Monahan. The other members of the band are lead guitarist Jimmy Stafford and drummer Scott Underwood. "Hey, Soul Sister" is the band's biggest hit since "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" in 2001.