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It is a work of fiction with no specific person inspiring this. However the composer Michael Kamen was so moved in making this movie that he founded The Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation (MHOF) in 1996 to help keep music education alive and well.

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Q: Who was the inspiration for the movie Mr Holland's Opus?
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What musical composers are included in the movie Mr Hollands Opus?

gershwin, beethovan, Bach

In the movie Mr Holland's Opus how did Mr. Holland redefine his life after 30 years?

he played his opus

When was Mr. Holland's Opus created?

Mr. Holland's Opus was created in 1995.

What is the duration of Mr. Holland's Opus?

The duration of Mr. Holland's Opus is 2.38 hours.

Who was the actress that played Mrs Holland in Mr Holland's Opus?

Glenne Headly played Iris Holland (Mrs. Holland) in "Mr. Holland's Opus".

Where did Rowena Morgan go in the movie Mr Holland's Opus?

She moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a singer on Broadway.

In Mr Holland's Opus his son has a disability What is it?

he's deaf

Did Richard ddreyfuss win an Oscar for mr holland opus?

No, but he was nominated.

What are the release dates for Little Chocolatiers - 2010 Mr- Chocolate's Opus 1-3?

Little Chocolatiers - 2010 Mr- Chocolate's Opus 1-3 was released on: USA: 30 March 2010

What is the title of this movie A mother and her child are at a parade when a fire engine comes by and blasts it siren All the other babies cry but the mother notices her baby is asleep and deaf?

mr. Hollands oppus

What movie did a teacher teach deaf children to play music?

Hmm.. I can only think of one movie that had Deaf children in it : Mr. Holland's Opus. He didn't teach them to play music though, his son was deaf (:

What is the name of the song at the end of the movie Mr Holland's opus with the words From The Moment You Were Born in it?

"Cole's Song" sung by Julian Lennon, written by Julian Lennon and Justin Clayton. (Just finished watching the movie!)