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It is Joey Mercury, He is Wrestling dark matches with a shaved head. He is the newest member of the S.E.S.

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Q: Who was the hooded attacker of rey mysterio at extreme rules?
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Who attacked rey mysterio at Extreme Rules 2010?

Jeff hardy

Who won at Extreme Rules CM Punk faces Rey Mysterio?

jack swagger

Who won at extreme rules rey mysterio or Cody Rhodes 2011?

Cody Rhodes won by pinfall at Wrestlemania 27. But Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes when Rey Mysterio spits green mist on Cody Rhodes' face.

Did rey mystrio beat cm punk?

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio and doesn't have to shave his hair as that was a match stipulation at the 2010 Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Who was the hooded stranger at extreme rules?

the former Joey Mercury, who was a part of the tag team MNM (Melina, Johhny Nitro, who is now John Morrison, and Mercury)

Is extreme rules after backlash?

Extreme Rules replaced backlash.

Did batista return to WWE at extreme rules 2012?

no but I did go to extreme rules 2012

Who will win at extreme rules edge or chris Jericho?

Edge will win at Extreme Rules.

Will batista win at extreme rules?

Batista will not win at extreme rules. triple h is schelued to return at extreme rules and betray Batista he is in randy 's group the legacy.

What is the difference between an extreme rules and a hard core rules match?

hardcore is falls count anywhere extreme rules isn't.

Are WWE extreme rules matches planned?

Yes! Some of them are Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship; Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk; Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship and more!

What will they do about extreme rules since edge retires?

the might not put extreme rules because edge retired