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Sam. She lives on Mercer Street.

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Q: Who was the girl Darren Maglione supposedly hooked up with?
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Who is the homer skelton girl?

Sheli Sanders aka Sheli Sanders-Maglione. She is from the Tampa, Florida area.

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Ok, do you remember the episode ''Beowolf''(or something like that). RE: The girl (that Ben had his first crush on)named Kai (little Indian girl;Max's friend granddaughter),THE ONE WHO SAID SHE WANTED TO 'TAME HIM'............yay,well THAT'S Ken's mom. GOT THE INFORMATION FROM BEN 10 WIKI.....SUPPOSEDLY IT WAS ON A TRIVIA GAME AND SHE WAS THE ANSWER..... So, how they put it is she probatly grew up and less ignorant and met up with Ben and the rest is history....... SORRY IF I CRUSHED YOUR JULIExBEN DREAMS..........

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Who is the homer skelton girl?

Sheli Sanders aka Sheli Sanders-Maglione. She is from the Tampa, Florida area.

Is Darren shan a boy or girl?

Darren Shan is a boy.

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MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD In the movie, Steve confronts Darren and captures his family and monkey girl friend. They fight, Darren rescues his family and friend. In the book, Darren and Steve battle. Darren stabs Steve through the heart, but when Mr. Tiny reveals Darren and Steve were both his sons and only pawns he was using, Darren provokes the dying Steve, who then stabs Darren, then they both roll into the nearby river and drown.