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Uta Sulas, was on Mike Douglas show was first to show a belly button

I watched an episode of "Honey West", made in 1965 in black and white, Anne Francis' belly button is clearly visible in her two piece swim suit.

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Nichelle Nichols, on the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror" which aired on October 6, 1967 wore a belly button exposing costume. According to a story told by fan, Bjo Trimble, she was on set and distracted the person from Standards and Practices so that the belly button revealing costume went unnoticed.

A later Star Trek episode, "The Cloud Minders," first aired February 28, 1968, Diana Ewing wore a belly button revealing costume throughout the episode.

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The Cher show debuted on Sunday February 16, 1975, Cher struts to the front of the stage, revealing her latest navel-exposing Bob Mackie outfit. A lot of press was generated by Cher's exposed belly-button, it had never been done on television before. Even 'Jeannie' obscured hers with scarves.

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Cher was the first person to have their belly button shown on tv.

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False, it was Yvette Mimieux in a 1964 episode of Dr. Kildare titled "Tyger, Tyger". Cher did not hit the scene till 1971.

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Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] S02E04 Mirror, Mirror 1967 was 8 years before Cher

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Q: Who was the first person to show their belly button on television?
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