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steve perry


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Was there not one before Roger Daltry?

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Q: Who was the first lead singer for journey?
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Who is the lead singer for the song Don't stop believing on the?

Steve Perry was the lead singer for Journey on that song.

Is the lead singer from Journey the father of the Band Perry?


How was the lead singer from 1986 to 2013 for journey?

Steve Perry

Is the original lead singer of Journey dead?

Steve Perry is alive. There was some disagreement and there is now a new singer. Actually, Greg Rolie was the original lead singer of Journey. He is alive and well, entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Santana. Robert Fleischman was the next lead singer, even Neal Schon sang some lead before Perry joined the band. The band was founded in 1973, Perry didn't join until 1977.

What famous American band hired a new lead singer from the Philippines?

Journey's Lead SingerThe Journey hired Arnel Pineda as their lead signer this year.

Who was the lead guitarist for the band Journey?

Originally Steve Perry was the lead singer in the band known as Journey. In 1998 though, they replaced the singer with another known as Steve Augeri until they replaced him to with another singer.

Someone told me Journey's lead singer committed suicide Is it true?


Who are the famous sportspeople or famous singers in Philippines?

the guy who replaced the lead singer in journey is phillipino

Who was the first singer of anthrax?

The first "official" lead singer for Anthrax was Neil Turbin.

Who is the guy in journey who writes all the songs?

Most of Journey's songs were co-written by lead singer Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon.

Journey oldest band member?

Neil Schon, lead guitar founded Journey and is playing in it to this day. Oldest meaning age? Was Gregg Rolie. Keyboardest and lead singer before Steve Perry.

What is the name of the one direction lead singer?

They don't have a lead singer they've discussed this in an interview. Liam although sings first verse most of the time, but is not the lead singer.