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It was never mentioned who the first ever head gamemaker was, but for the 72nd, 73rd and 74th the head gamemaker was Seneca Crane. For the 75th games Plutarch Heavensbee is the head gamemaker.

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Seneca Crane

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Q: Who was the first head gamemaker in the hunger games?
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What does Plutarch do in The Hunger Games?

In the first book(Hunger Games) he is a gamemaker. In the second book(Catching Fire) he is the Head Gamemaker. In the third book(Mockingjay) he is a rebel leader for District 13.

Who are the people that control The Hunger Games?

The Gamemakers control everything that goes on inside the Arena, the head Gamemaker is Seneca Crane and for the 75th hunger Games, it is Plutarch Hevensbee.

Who is Senaca in the Hugner Games?

Senaca Crane was the head gamemaker for the 74th Hunger Games. He was hung after he allowed both Katniss and Peeta out of the arena.

Who are the gamemakers in The Hunger Games?

In the first book, Seneca crane is the head gamemaker, and they refer to everyone else as "the gamemakers". the only gamemaker they refer to by name in the whole series, is the head gamemaker.

Who is the lead game maker in the Hunger Games?

About twenty: Wrong Answer. It never specifys how many Gamemakes there actully were. We are only certain that there was definetely two. There was Seneca Crane, and Plutarch.

Do Peeta and katniss both survive the games?

Yes, in the 74th hunger games, the head gamemaker changes a rule to allow both tributes from a district to both win if they are the last two alive in the area.

What do the gamemakers look like in hunger games?

they look like they just go ran over by a train

Is Seneca Crane a gamemaker?

Seneca Crane was head gamemaker.

What is Katniss's score in the Hunger Games?

Peeta and Katniss both get a 12 making Hunger Games history but the reason the Head Gamemaker did this was because he wanted the other tributes to help Katniss and prepare for the escape, which Katniss wasnt aware of.

Who is the least honorable person in The Hunger Games?

Even though many would think in the first book that it's definitely Seneca Crane, the head Gamemaker of the 74th hunger games, I believe that throughout the first two books it is President Snow, and in the finale book a mixture of Snow and Coin. But to focus on the first book, what Seneca did was honorable even though it did cost him his life (for those of you who don't remember he was the one who let both Peeta and Katniss live). Snow on the other hand saw this as an act of betrayal, that it was a crime and he broke the only rule of the hunger games, only one tribute must live. He then thought that his crime was so big that he must be euthanized for that reason.

Who is the new head gamemaker of Catching Fire?

Plurtarch heavensbee

Who is katnisses stylist in Hunger Games?

Her head stylist is Cinna