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Coppertone Girl - In 1959, a 3-year-old girl in pig-tails named Cheri Brand posed for a family snapshot in the backyard of her Bronxville, NY home and soon became Little Miss Coppertone®, a symbol of summer and poster-girl for the long-running Coppertone sunscreen ad campaign whose famous slogans proclaim "Don't be a Paleface!" and "Tan - Don't Burn." A popular belief that Jodie Foster was the original Coppertone girl is misleading. Foster did, however, get her start in showbiz for a Coppertone suntan-lotion ad in 1965. She was three years old at the time and appeared in the ad as a toddler on a boat accompanied by her family. Reference: Interesting article:

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Q: Who was the first copper tone baby?
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