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joseph kosma

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Q: Who was the composer of the song Autumn Leaves?
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When was Autumn Leaves - song - created?

Autumn Leaves - song - was created in 1945.

Who sang the song 'Autumn'?

Joseph Kosma sang the song 'Autumn Leaves' if that's what you are looking for. hope this helps!

What song was the Number 1 song on November 14 1955?

Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams

Who wrote the lyrics to the song Autumn Leaves the last two lines of which are But I miss you most of all my darling When autumn leaves start to fall?

This song started as a French song Les feuilles mortes(The Dead Leaves) in 1945.The English lyrics were written by Johnny Mercer (see link below)

When was Falling Autumn Leaves created?

Falling Autumn Leaves was created in 1888.

When was Autumn Leaves - painting - created?

Autumn Leaves - painting - was created in 1856.

Do the leaves change color in autumn in Japan?

The Autumn leaves are very beautiful in Japan. Autumn is the best time to visit.

Song titles with the word autumn?

-"Autumn Changes" was a song recorded by Donna Summer in 1976. -The song "Autumn Leaves" was recorded by several artists including Nat King Cole who performed a version for the film of the same name in 1956. -Vigrass & Osbourne recorded a song called "Forever Autumn" in 1972. -Fall Out Boy recorded "Grand Theft Autumn" in 2003. -The Dandy Warhols released "The Autumn Carnival" in 2012.

What do you call trees that loose there leaves in the autumn?

They are called coniferous trees. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn. Coniferous trees KEEP their leaves in autumn.

What trees lose their leaves in the autumn?

Deciduous trees, such as oaks or aspens, lose their leaves in the autumn.

When was A Song of Autumn created?

A Song of Autumn was created in 1892.

When was Autumn - song - created?

Autumn - song - was created in 1974.

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