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Stacey Dash

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Q: Who was the black actress in clueless?
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Wiki is clueless?

Wiki is not clueless. -smbexx

What actor has the best butt?

Lisa Raye (US Actress) Holly Robinson (Film Clueless)

What is a sentence for the word clueless?

Here is an example sentence with the word "clueless":The poor dog was clueless about what was happening, and he didn't know that he was about to be abandoned in the streets.

What was the Production Budget for Clueless?

The Production Budget for Clueless was $13,700,000.

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How do you use clueless in a sentence?

only a clueless person would ask that.(see?)

When was Clueless - House - created?

Clueless - House - was created on 2006-03-28.

How much money did Clueless gross worldwide?

Clueless grossed $56,598,476 worldwide.

What is Brittany Murphy best known for?

Brittany Murphy was both a singer and an actress, but was best known for her acting in movies such as Clueless, Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile and as a voice on television's The Family Guy.