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Zach Gowen

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Q: Who was the WWE superstar who had one leg?
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Who is the toughest superstar in WWE?

what animals rub their leg together to make noie

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There isn't specifically a number one superstar in the WWE. This answer would be down to personal preference.

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He is already a WWE Superstar

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A WWE Superstar from Chicago, is CM Punk who is now the WWE Champion!

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one of them

The miz WWE?

If you mean is The Miz a superstar for WWE then yes he is he is curently a superstar for WWE's RAW brand

Is WWE superstar sabu from India?

yes wwe superstar sabu is from India

Why did WWE superstar really leave WWE?

because some of them are damaged after the fights they did like wwe superstar Edge .

What WWE superstar was born in Nebraska?

one person ediot

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tere is no wwe superstar named jame barry