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Q: Who was that woman walking down the stairs at the end of twilight in the movie?
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At the end of the movie twilight what person came out last?

The woman at the end who is walking down the stairs is James' mate Victoria. Kind of gives an intro into the next movie, New Moon.

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Is Twilight a girl movie?

Many people think that, since Twilight was written by a woman, it must be a girl book and movie. I have viewed the movie and read the book, and found that i liked the book much more. The movie has its elements that both men and women can enjoy, violence being one. It depends on what you like as a viewer.</P>

Who is the woman singing at the beginning of the Twilight movie?

TWIDORK to the rescue! The first song in the movie is actually sung by a man. The song is "Full Moon" by The Black Ghosts. It's a great song. For all Twilight Saga questions, ask TWIDORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out Spider Monkeys!

Is Stephanie a man?

if your asking about twilight yes Stephenie Meyer is definetly a woman she is in the twilight movie in the diner the first time Bella and charlie go eat on her laptop writing Breaking Dawn if your not asking about twilight i just waisted my time typing this and i don't no what your talking about hope this helps!

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