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Q: Who was a pilgrim that was a british poet soldier and explorer?
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Who was a British poet soldier and explorer?

USA studies weekly week 2 4th grade

What job did sir Walter Raleigh have?

Sir Walter Raleigh was an English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy, and explorer. He is also well known for popularising tobacco in England.

Who was British poet soldier and explore?

USA studies weekly week 2 4th grade

What did Walter Raleigh do?

Other than an explorer he was highly known for popularising tobacco in England. He was also a English Aristocat, writer, renaissance poet, soldier,one of Queen Elizabeth I favorite courtiers, and an explorer!!!

What actors and actresses appeared in The Poet and the Soldier - 1913?

The cast of The Poet and the Soldier - 1913 includes: Carlyle Blackwell as The Soldier Paul Hurst Marin Sais

What was the purpose of the poet in writing landing of the pilgrim fathers in new England?


Is the ocean poet barron pilgrim?

The ocean is often depicted as a poetic and mysterious entity in literature and art, inspiring writers and artists with its vastness and beauty. Barron Pilgrim, however, is not a known poet associated with the ocean; it is possible that he may have written about the ocean, but he is not a prominent figure in the realm of ocean poetry.

What part did sir Walter Raleigh play in the first English settlements?

Sir. Walter Raleigh was an English gentleman, writer, poet, soldier, spy, and explorer who established the first settlement in Roanoke.

When did Edward King - British poet - die?

Edward King - British poet - died in 1637.

When was Edward King - British poet - born?

Edward King - British poet - was born in 1612.

What is a war poet?

It is a poet that is a soldier that writes poems about wars like Flanders fields by john McCray

What is the antonymn for soldier?

The opposite of a soldier is a pacifist. But in literature, a poet, writer, minstrel, or other artist is often used.