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One famous TV star from the 1950's was Jack Benny.

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Q: Who was a famous TV star from the 1950s?
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What 1950s tv star's signature theme was a 1947 pop song called near you?

Milton Berle

What was Robin Day most famous for?

If you mean Sir Robin Day, the political broadcaster and commentator, then he was most famous for his work as a television journalist in his career from the 1950s to the 1990s. If you mean Robin Day, the designer, then he was most famous for his work in furniture designing from the 1950s.

Who were the first famous couple of television of the 1950s?

My bet would be Ozzie & Harriet Nelson. They had a very popular tv situation comedy show.

Situation-comedy television shows of the 1950s portrayed American families as?

White, Polite, and happy.. not necessarily that not everyone was happy, but that at that time that is what the entertainment emphasized. Take the famous TV Bewitched, this is a show from the 1950s where during the whole show Sam and Darrin are "happily married" where nothing ever goes wrong.

Which famous 80 year old television star lives in berkshire?


What television program was Justin Timberlake no before he became famous?

Star Search

Who is the famous gay 1950s movie star who died of AIDs on October 2 1985?

That would be Rock Hudson.

Why is Betty Whate famous?

She's a great actress, and she had the starring role in a TV show in the early to mid-1950s, as well as many significant roles since then.

For what is Star Jones most famous for?

Star Jones is an American lawyer and television personality after appearing on nine seasons of the View. She is famous for being the Court TV commentator on the William Kennedy Smith trial. She also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

Who is Jamie spears?

She isa famous tv star that plays zoey on Zoey 101

Who is Peggy Bundy?

Peggy Bundy is a famous TV movie star from the 70's. '

What famous TV Show had Klingons?

Question: What famos TV show had Klingons? Answer: Star Trek - The Enterprise